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what makes h2go so special?


h2go is made with only a few simple, organic ingredients. You won’t find any sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, or preservatives.

h2go is a cleaner option to all of the energy beverages laden with either loads of sugar or chemicals you can’t even pronounce (or both).

We want to deliver raw, clean energy to your day in the most natural form - without any harmful or unnecessary additives.

With only recognizable ingredients, USDA Organic Certification, and non-GMO Verification, you can trust putting h2go in your body.


Our pure, organic caffeine comes from green coffee. These raw, unprocessed coffee beans contain high levels of naturally occurring antioxidants which help balance the lift and fall of the energy delivery.

Synthetic, laboratory-made caffeine found in most sodas and energy drinks is produced unnaturally using harsh chemicals which are unhealthy to consume. It is also absorbed at a much faster rate than natural caffeine, causing an instant energy rush...followed by a dramatic crash.

These side effects can be avoided with h2go as the organic green coffee caffeine delivers a steady, more sustainable boost that keeps you going for a longer period of time without the peaks, jitters, and crashes of other caffeinated drinks.

h2go is the choice for a longer, more even energy boost that feels great from start to finish.


As a raw caffeine source, green coffee holds several incredible properties that make it an energy source with added benefits.

Green coffee is simply the pure, unprocessed form of coffee beans picked directly from the coffee plant. These raw beans are loaded with antioxidants which help fight toxins and improve overall health. When coffee beans are roasted, these antioxidants and their benefits are lost entirely.

Unprocessed green coffee beans contain 100% pure Chlorogenic Acid, which is scientifically proven to aid the body in burning glucose and stored fat for energy by boosting metabolism. Chlorogenic acid is burned off when coffee is roasted and therefore its benefits aren’t present in any form of coffee. The high levels of antioxidants can also help lower inflammation and improve blood sugar.

As a central nervous system stimulant, caffeine itself also raises one’s metabolism and increases the oxidation of fatty acids, effectively aiding in weight loss or healthy weight maintenance.


The h2go process begins with our pure, organic caffeine.

With the PurCaf team, we are committed to Good Coffee Growing Practices. This involves sustainable and ethical sourcing of our caffeine which has three pillars: sustainability, traceability, and transparency.

We can trace and show exactly which plot of land our caffeine was grown in, under what specific conditions, and which facility it was processed in before being added into h2go on the production line. It’s all about culture, community, and the value of good caffeine.

We believe that what is being taken out should be put back in to support the ecosystems for future generations. We take pride in knowing that our partner is building relationships with the farmers, supporting their families & farms, and helping to build stronger communities through worker safety, fair wages, and environmental leadership.


We have a strong passion for producing products that are better for our customers’ health which extends to also developing our brand around caring for the planet that our future generations will one day inhabit.

The choice to use aluminum cans for h2go is one purely focused on sustainability and the eradication of all plastics. Aluminum is the only truly fully recyclable material for packaging beverages, and we aim to keep the landfills empty by having as many of our cans recycled as possible. While aluminum is infinitely recycled and can forever continue to be made into new cans, over 90% of plastics aren’t recycled and end up in oceans or landfills.

Our goal is to have a majority of the cans we use come purely from recycled aluminum and old cans to ensure we have a truly sustainable product life cycle.

We are continually developing a supply chain that minimizes carbon emissions by cutting shipping lanes and sourcing sustainably grown ingredients. We have eliminated all plastic from our production process and aim to be as waste free as possible in manufacturing and in our supply chain as a whole.

As a proud member of the 1% for the Planet Family, we give portions of our profits to environmental sustainability efforts. Through both Protect Our Winters and The Nature Conservancy of Vermont, this is an additional way we can promote our mission of protecting the wellness of our planet, both globally and here in our backyard of Vermont.

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PurCaf is sourced from a network of certified sustainable green coffee farms in India. It is an unprocessed, raw form of caffeine, which offers an Organic Certified alternative to otherwise synthetically made caffeine.

It is truly the most natural form of caffeine you could find on the planet.