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Our Mission to make energy feel good. We strive to help consumers perform at their peak mental and physical state while maintaining balance, focus, and control. We want to make a positive daily impact as the better energy choice for both your body and our environment.

We aim to provide consumers with a healthier, simpler energy alternative to meet the needs of active lifestyles. We provide an organic, simple-ingredient fruit-infused water with pure organic caffeine to avoid the side effects of traditional caffeinated drinks including soda, coffee, and energy drinks.

William Spencer's journey to create an alternative to mainstream caffeinated drinks began in 2018 with sliced fruits in a kitchen in Santa Monica, CA. h2go Energy Water became the pioneer product in a vision of an expansive brand portfolio focused on environmental sustainability and health conscious alternatives. He's never had a cup of coffee to this day and developed h2go to support our nation's caffeine dependency without the chemicals & side effects (and because his dad was drinking way too much Diet Coke). He has the company focused on supplemental products that support individuals being their best selves without any negative consequences. We want to never settle developing better alternatives for the things we will always need in our lives.

The h2go team is based in beautiful Burlington, VT where the local culture embodies the passion and values of the company. We strive to inspire people to do good and feel good by making conscious choices that are better for themselves, our society, and the planet!